I am Woman…

I am a woman. And in case you are wondering about the title and guessing you’ve guessed right. The title comes from one of my favorite poems of all time- Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou. I believe every woman is phenomenal- career woman, housewife, artist- doesn’t matter. We are all phenomenal in our own right.

Being woman is a whole lot of things. It’s about being a daughter, mother, sister, wife, lover, girlfriend, friend.. It’s about being all this and still being yourself. It’s a lifelong love affair with clothes, shoes and bags. It’s about chick flicks and romcoms. Its gossip and shopping sprees. Its periods and PMS. It’s about motherhood, about smelly diapers and 4 o’clock feeds. It’s about juggling a home and career. It’s about marriage and compromise and a million and one fights. It’s about making a home and maintaining it.

It’s also about defying convention. It’s a lifelong battle of proving that being woman doesn’t necessarily mean being weak. It’s a battle against all society deems womanly. It’s about redefining societal norms. It’s about proving that you are as good as the other guy at what you do. It’s about battling to get to the top. It’s about breaking the glass ceiling. It’s about handling others skepticism and criticism. It’s about fighting for even the simplest of things.

It’s also about being scared to go out on the streets at night and sometimes even during the day. It’s about being raped and killed on the street. It’s about acid attacks and eve teasing. It’s about being groped in the bus and insulted in public places. It’s also about taking the blame for it. It’s about hearing- she asked for it. It’s about being treated like chattel. It’s about demands about dowry. It’s about exploding gas stoves and marital abuse. It’s about always being wrong in the eyes of society.

It’s a fight for dignity. It’s a fight to prove them wrong. It’s a fight to be treated equally and humanely. It’s a fight for respect. It’s a fight for pride. It’s a fight for our right to a normal life- a life where you are recognized for who you are and what you do, a life where it’s safe for you to go out in the street, a life where your worth is not decided by the amount of gold you bring in, a life where you won’t be mutilated for life for turning down a guy, a life where you can wear what you want and no one will judge you for that. A life where being a woman will not be the worst thing in the world…


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