This is Me…

Here I am.

I am a woman of the world- the typical 21st century woman.

I believe in myself. I’m an eternal optimist. I believe anything you want you can achieve-you just have to keep believing. I am passionate about everything I do. I give my 150% percent to everything- even if it’s something that isn’t my first choice.

I’m an artist at heart but my profession has nothing to do with art- it requires nothing but logic. But I love what I do. I never regret the things I do. I believe it does nothing other than gnaw away at your peace of mind. I have made my share of mistakes and learnt from them.

I totally believe in give respect and take respect. I need to be treated the way I treat people. I believe in forgiving in people who cross me but I never forget. It’s like a defect. However hard I try I cannot.

I’m a bundle of contradictions. I love animated movies and adventure sports, chocolates and espresso shots, dancing and martial arts. 🙂 I’m a typical Cancerian- full of mood swings. I love my family and friends. I’d do anything for them. I’m possessive about the people I love.

I love traveling, meeting new people, understanding different cultures. I also love to stay put at home sometimes. I’m also a neat freak and I hate it when things are not in the places they are supposed to be in. I love dancing in the rain and jumping in puddles. I love good books and mom’s cooking. I love coffee and am a chocoholic. I love shoes and shopping for them. I love writing, painting, cooking and photography.

I’m good at giving advice although sometimes I go overboard with it. I’m usually a shoulder to cry on for most of my friends. I look fragile but am absolutely tough inside. I can withstand a lot of pressure and emotional pain.

I am good in groups. Although I’m not the life of the party I do like talking. But I also value my solitude a lot. I love beaches. I love walking along the waters, love finding the perfect seashell. But I also have a morbid fear of drowning.

I am stubborn, loyal and value my independence and individuality above anything else. I hate it when people try to control me or boss me around. I value my personal space and hate it when people try and encroach into it. I will not change myself to accommodate others. Gradual changes- yes. Abrupt changes- no. I am who I am- take it or leave it.

I love and value certain people in life more than anything and I will not stand to see them get hurt- at any cost. I talk a lot sometimes to certain people and with others I’m unusually silent. I value friendship a lot. I like harmless gossiping but I would never say something cutting about anyone.

I am often told that I have an attitude problem and that I am arrogant. Well if you call having a character being arrogant, I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I’m also told that I’m too brash and outspoken for a girl. I say that’s the way I am and there’s nothing wrong in speaking my mind. I hate it when people make biased comments against women. I believe any woman is as good as the next man.

I used to have a temper which I have learnt to control. It’s still hard for me at times but I manage. I try to be extremely patient with people but if nothing works then I tend to be totally blunt and honest. I don’t mince words when I am angry.

I am modern but I value my traditions, my culture and my roots. But I hate mindless customs and rituals. I hate it when people dictate to me and tell me how to live my life. I hate people who backstab and I hate liars. I hate those people who stick to you when it suits them and walk out of your life when they are done.

I am childish at times and way more serious than I should be at other times. I know what I want from life and I work to achieve my goals. I know I’ll succeed and I’m willing to make sacrifices for that and wait for as long as it takes.

I love life and try to live every moment of it. Carpe diem is my philosophy in life. I believe in love and finding that perfect person (and I have).

I’m happy with my life and wouldn’t trade anything in my life for the world.

I’m content and I always try to be.

Welcome to my life… This is me… 🙂


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