Yeah!I’m around!!

This blog used to be elsewhere before this. Yes, it had a different home and a different decor. I had started this blog with high hopes of making it into something huge. A place where I could rant and rave and reflect and retrospect and inrospect and what not. But unfortunately, nothing materialized. I got a job and life interfered and since I blog elsewhere, I gave more importance to that and this one fell into disuse. Now I’m back, I’ve given my scribblings a new home, dusted and gotten rid of the cobwebs and vowed to start afresh. And hopefully, this will be a better start- a beginning of a beautiful and scenic journey together. I promise to bore you to death with my inane observations, piss you off with my ranting, and sometimes stun you with my wit and intelligence. 😉 Well I hope to do it all the time, but me being me, being intelligent and coherent is a rare occurence.
Anyways, here I am. And I will be around for a while, I hope. More about me coming your way soon. 🙂

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