Home Sweet Home…

I have always dreamt of a house by the ocean. On a white sandy beach. People who know me even a tiny bit will know that I’m a sucker for beaches. Its like heaven for me. Its the one place where I feel completely at peace and at one with the universe. Its the one place where I forget all my worries and just breathe. Its also a place that inspires me to write, to live. And that’s one of the reasons why everytime I start planning a holiday, I end up choosing a beach destination. From the time I could remember I have wanted to live by the ocean. I’m not talking about these huge sprawling beach houses. Just a cosy home. A cute cottage. Thats all I need. And from the time I started thinking about a house for myself, I have dreamt of a house by the ocean.
(Image Courtesy: Google Images)
My home would be a tiny white cottage. It would have a couple of wind chimes right outside on the porch. Oh yeah. I love the tinkling sound of the chimes. Somehow they seem so eternal and timeless to me. Like it was the first sound that ever was in this universe. Big bang and all be damned, I’d like to think it was a tiny, sweet musical tinkling. I would have a couple of chairs on the porch and a tiny table. So that I can sit around in the evening sipping tea or coffee or hot chocolate and read or think in peace. A few potted plants scattered here and there. My living room would have a huge sofa in some neutral colour dressed up with some colorful throws and cushions. It would have windows overlooking the ocean and white curatins flutttering in the breeze. I would have a wall full of photographs and other sundry pieces of artwork. I would have a tiny TV and a music system and a cd rack full of my favourite music and in the evenings the house would be bathed in the soft strains of Chopin, Bach, Tchaikovsky or maybe just a pan- flute. I would have a multicolored tribal rug on the floor and my coffee table would be an old sailor’s trunk. I would have a glass bowl filled with seashells on the table and a couple of scented candles.
I would have a tiny bedroom with a huge bed and a nightstand. I would have fluffy pillows and a huge comforter I could drown under. And I would have windows facing the east so the sun could wake me up everyday. I would have a dreamcatcher hanging from the headboard. I’ve always been fascinated with them. There would be pictures on the wall. Mostly black and white photographs of the ocean, of my family, of me. There would be a reading lamp right beside the bed so I could indulge in my habit of reading before I fall asleep.
I would have a small kitchen with baby blue cabinets and a small stove. I would have three ceramic containers on the counter- tea, coffee and sugar. I would have a tiny guest room with a bed where I could house my friends when they came visiting. But the best part of my house would be my study- a room filled with books. Books on any topic imaginable. A room with floor to ceiling  bookshelves and an old fashioned carved desk in one corner. A penstand with multicolored pens and pencils and  my favourite fountain pen. My bottles of ink and a reading lamp. And a very well written, well thumbed through journal with multicolored pages. The journal should have little knick knacks falling out of it. Like old photograps, envelopes, letters, receipts, dried flower and what not- all souvenirs of things gone by, of memories treasured.
I would go for long walks on the beach, think, write to my heart’s content, cook all my favourite food. I would have silent conversations with the sun the moon and the sands and the gulls and the sea. I would look on as the ocean  lay quiet and silent at night. I would look on as it raged in the thores of a storm. I would be lulled to sleep each night by the soft splash of the waves againt the shore. I would relish the cool water, the sugar white sands, the perfect seashells, the salty breeze, the foam and the spray and what not. Sighhh!! If only…
PS: And if you’re wondering where TS fits into this whole picture, I’ll tell you he doesn’t. This was a dream long before he made an appearance in my life. And even now I don’t think this will be possible ‘cos TS loves the hills and me the beach. So you see, we both will have to be content with just holidays to these places and live our lives in some godawful city. 😦 Sighhhhhhhh!!!

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