When it rains…

All I wanted, from the minute I woke up today morning, was for it to rain.
I’m a sucker for rains. I love the way the sky opens up and unleashes its fury in the form of big fat raindrops. I love the grey moisture laden clouds waiting to break open. I love the cool breeze that precedes the rains. Its not the chilly winds that have you going “brrrr…”. Its more like the soft caressing, cool wind that makes you smile and savour the respite from the heat. I love the soft splat with which the first raindrop hits the earth and then a million replicas follow suit. I love how the splats turn to plops as the earth quenches its thirst and puddles are formed. I love how the grass and trees seem to become greener, the eath and the tree trunks even more brown, the water even more blue, the moss even darker. I love the symphony of the wind and the raindrops- a wild, tempestuous symphony that somehow reminds me of unrequited love. I love the goosebumps that pepper my skin invariably every time I step out in the rains. I love the fact that however you try to keep yourself dry underneath your umbrella, the raindrops invariably find you and drench you in a spray of love. I love the fact that eveytime that happens, although I think I’ll be annoyed, I feel a smile stirring on my lips. I love the way how every song I listen to then seems to be in sync with the symphony of nature. I love the fact that I can stare at the falling raindrops for hours on end and never feel bored. I love the feel of the water on my face. I love sloshing through puddles. I love the racuous symphony of the frogs at night that signal the zenith of the rains. I love the raw power of the lightning bolt that streaks across the sky and the answering cry of the thunderbolt. I love how the morning after a downpour you wake up and everything seems fresh, crisp and new. I love breathing in the clean air, opening my eyes to the dewy morning and feeling like its the first day of my life, the start of something amazing and momentuous. I love lounging around on the chair in the balcony, watching the rain, book and a hot cuppa tea in hand and Mom sitting close by talking in her singsong voice. I love the millions of memories that flood my mind everytime the skies darken and the tiny drops start pounding the earth. Incidents, people, places, songs, books, food- I have memories that link all these to the rains…
(Clicked by the TS on his Nikon on a rainy day. This was the view from our bedroom window at the first apartment we stayed at. )
And today, all day morning I kept bugging TS on chat saying I wanted it to rain and asking him if he thought it would rain. I’m sure I drove him up the wall with my incessant whining and whimpering. But someone up above was eavesdropping on our conversation I guess. ‘Cos in the afternoon, the heavens opened up and it poured, and how!! Big fat drops of water sprayed in all possible directions by a brutal wind that was hell bent on showing he was superior. The water droplets helplessly tossed about. People caught unawares in the sudden deluge running helter skelter, taking cover wherever they could. And finally, the water mastering the wind and the rains mellowing down to a steady, rhythmic beat. And where was I all the time? Standing in the corridor outside my office, watching the rain, a smile playing on my lips and a million memories flooding my mind… Bliss…

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