Country Roads…

Its one of those days when all I want to do is just pack up and leave. Leave this routine that I seem to be trapped in, this endless cycle of waking up and sleeping and doing the same things in between. Leave and explore the new in life. Its not that I’m unhappy with my life. But sometimes life gets to be routine and mundane and I start yearning for a change. To all those who love the routine and the comfort it offers I say, “good for you”. But me, I’m all for exploring the unknown, if you could call it that. I am all for packing my bags and doing a little disappearing act and surfacing in some quaint little town, miles away from the world I live in. Someplace where everyone knows everyone else and yet you don’t feel like they are intruding into your life or space. I would love to move to a little town, a tiny insignificant, inconsequential dot on the map of the world, with a name that noone has heard of. I would love to meet the people there, make friends with them, have long conversations, try and understand their way of life and why they chose the life they have.

(Image Courtesy:TS)

I would love to go for long walks on rough country roads, along paths less travelled, discovering a rare wildflower or an old gnarled tree. I would like to be able to listen to the voices in my head and the incessant inner monologue in my mind, and be able to make some sense out of it. I would love to discover quaint little cottages and bubbling brooks and a meadow carpeted with wildflowers. I would love to sit out on a porch at night, listening to the symphony of the crickets, sipping coffee. I would love to see all the stars in the sky. I have forgotten the last time I saw them. I would love to be without technology. I would love to be able to pen a letter or send a postcard again. I would love to be able to lose myself in a book and not be interrupted by the million and one things I’m required to do. I would love to be able to cook with fresh ingredients and cook just the food I love. I would love to be able to not bother about appearances. I would love to be able to get that book I have always been meaning to write out- to give some form to that amorphous mass of words floating around in my head. I would love to be a recluse, a hermit, living my life away from all that human kind deems is civilization. I would love to be one with everything around me.. Just for a little while…

If only… If only I could just pack up and leave…


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