The Little Things in Life…

Right before the bus stop opposite my office, is a junction. And at that junction is a school. Everyday, as I pass by the school, I get a glimpse of the life inside through the wire mesh fence that runs around its perimeter. I love to see the kids running around playing, or rushing to class, or simply standing around in a gaggle, talking nineteen to the dozen. And today, I saw something that I’m not likely to forget for a long time to come.

The day had not started good for me. I had woken up to a cloudy and foggy day. I had been too lazy to cook anything the previous night and had to pack heat and eat chappatis for lunch which I hate. I couldn’t wear the outfit I had wanted to wear today, because it looked like it would rain and the outfit I had in mind was white. I had decided to wear my heels today but then they clashed with the outfit I ended up wearing and so I had to stick to my flats. I had almost reached the bus stop, before I rememebered I had forgotten to take the book I was planning to read. Normally, I don’t read on the bus, ‘cos it makes me feel sick. But the morning traffic is so bad, that it slows the bus down considerably and allows me to read without feeling pukey. And to add to all this, I almost stepped on a dead rat on my way to the bus stop. Where that came from, in my unusually clean neighbourhood, I have no idea. So there I was on the bus, feeling absolutely irritated and low and pretty much convinced that my day was going to be an absolute disaster. I was stewing in my depression, and thinking about things both real and imagined, that made me even more blue.

That, was when my bus stopped at this junction, and I saw something that made my day. It was something that might seem insignificant and routine, but for me, it seemed like a benediction. The bus stopped at the junction as always, and my eyes were involuntarily drawn to the school compound. I saw that a mother and son duo were making their way to class. And from the boy’s face it was pretty much evident that he was throwing a tantrum. I don’t know if it was in protest, against going to school or for something else. I could see that the mom was trying to placate him as best as she could. He didn’t seem to be listening. They had almost reached the front of the little boy’s class and he was hanging on to his mom’s hand for dear life. She seemed to be pleading with him, but all her entreaties seemed to be falling on deaf ears. And that is when I saw the kid’s teacher stepping out of class.

And what I saw next was a beautiful sight. She went down on her knees in front of the little boy, so she could look him squarely in the face, and handed him a toy she had with her. And then she threw her arms around the little boy, gave him a mighty hug and a kiss on the cheek to boot. She was also talking to him, probably trying to soothe him and coax him to come inside to play. I couldn’t hear them, although I wished I could. And in a few seconds, the boy’s tears had dried and he was engrossed in the toy. His mom’s haggard face finaly broke into a smile. The last thing I saw before the bus pulled away was the boy waving goodbye to his mom and happily skipping to class.

The little drama made me smile. I know it was nothing special, but the affection that the teacher seemed to have for the little boy and the way in which she managed to take him to class without upsetting him further was amazing. What was more amazing was the trust the little boy seemed to have in his teacher, Obviously, the toy was the major attraction, but still, if he hadn’t trusted his teacher enough he would have refused to go in, right? It was also refreshing to see a kid being satisfied by a big red piece of plastic. It seemed like someone up there was giving me a silent message to be happy for the many little things in my life and not just focus on the negatives. I could choose to waste my day, wallowing in my troubles or I could choose to find something to be happy about and go on to have a fab day. And that’s just what I did. đŸ™‚ What made your day today??


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