Tea or Coffee??

Every person has his/ her personal brand of poison, something they simply cannot do without in the course of a normal day. For some, its nicotine, for some its their daily shot of whiskey or other drink of choice but, the majority of the world is addicted to one thing, and that is caffeine. And yours truly is a member of the dreaded caffeine cult. I love caffeine. So much, that I simply cannot function without my daily dose of it. I don’t remember when my addiction started. I think I must have been 13 or 14. Till then, tea or coffee was a luxury that was allowed only on the rare Sunday. On weekdays, it was Complan or Bournvita for me and the sister. I think when I hit the dreaded teens, I decided that I was too old to be drinking all the health drinks anymore and insisted on tea at least once a day. Although reluctant, Mom gradually gave in to my demands and so my evening tea habit started. Mornings were still ruled by the unavoidable Complan though.

I have a history of caffeine addicts in my family. My Dad is one of them. He has to have his two cups of tea everyday, and on weekends, the number would go up to four or five. Till the time he was diagnosed with diabetes, he would have his tea with lots of milk and sugar. These days, he has switched to a dark brew with the bare minimum of milk, and absolutely no sugar. Anyway, I digress. As I was saying, I have a horde of caffeine addicts in my family. Other than my Dad, my Grandpa was an addict too. He had to have his two cups everyday, without fail. And for Grandpa, quantity was a huge part of drinking tea. He had to have his morning cuppa in a humongous coffee mug that his brother had gotten for him. And he had to have it filled to the brim with tea. His habit has rubbed off on almost everyone on my Mom’s side of the family- including my Mom. I even remember our pet dog who followed my Grandpa’s routine to a tee. He had to have his morning tea too. I still remember them in the mornings, Grandpa reading the newspaper on the verandah and sipping his tea and Bruno by his side, lapping up tea from his bowl.

As I grew up, my caffeine intake also went up significantly. My once-a-day tea drinking habit gradually became twice-a-day. Then I started to have a cuppa whenever my Dad had one on the weekends. By the time I was in college, I was a hard-core tea addict. But once hostel life started, things changed. I realized I was actually addicted to the tea my Mom made. The tea we were served at the hostel was always flavoured- sometimes cardamom, sometimes elaichi and sometimes a concoction of possibly every herb and spice known to mankind. I missed the simple,normal cup of tea I was used to drinking at home. And that is when coffee, replaced tea, in my affections. The hostel coffee was way better than the tea and so in my routine, my usual poison became coffee. Initially it was the milk coffee we were served at the hostel. Then, I discovered the beauty of black coffee.

The years in the hostel saw me up at odd hours, devouring a book, or studying for exams, and a cup of black coffee was a constant companion. I even remember the coffee mug I got from Archies. It was white, with pictures of Disney characters on it. This was during the two years of my graduation, and I had loads of free time on my hands. I was studying a subject that I was madly in love with, and honestly, did not have to try too hard to get good grades. This was the time I started frequenting the libraries in my hometown, and it was also the time the baristas at the CCD next to the library knew my order by heart. I would be found there, on most weekend, with a book and a double shot of espresso by my side. I also found a soul mate around that time, lets call her Ratz. She was a bibliophile and a coffee addict like me, and the number of hours we spent at the libraries, and bookstores, and CCDs are too many to count.

Then came my MBA days. Life was more hectic. I was trying to fathom things that I had absolutely no clue about, but absolutely had to, if I had to justify the amount of money my poor Dad was shelling out for my studies. We had so much to study. Class hours were long. We had no weekends. And during exam times, we pretty much lost track of night and day as we tried to at least finish reading through the portions for the exam. And coffee was what kept us all awake- at least for most of the population, it was. I remember the insipid brew we used to pay 3 bucks for at the night canteen. It would rarely qualify as coffee, but that was all we got, and we had to make do with it. To say that my dependence on caffeine skyrocketed then, would be an understatement.

Then came my working days in Chennai, the land of the Madras filter kaapi. In addition to the few cups of coffee I would down in office, I started drinking coffee at every restaurant I could find, after working hours. I was still off tea then. By the time I was getting ready for my wedding, I was so addicted to coffee, that I knew something had to be done. Enter Mom. She put her foot down and issued a decree- no more coffee in the house. She wanted me to quit caffeine completely but, as it is with every other addict, I pleaded and begged to be allowed at least tea. And so, I fell back on my habit of tea. I also had visions of me and TS sharing a hot cup of tea in the morning or the evening once we were married, depending on our respective routines. But, I was in for major disappointment. TS had no such habits. He did not, and still does not (all my efforts to convert him have been in vain) need any morning fix to get his day started. It was unfair, to say the least. I felt God had cheated me, but, I managed. I just cut TS out of my vision. 🙂

These days, I have my morning cuppa and evening cuppa at work. Weekends start as usual with tea and, following in my Grandpa’s footsteps, I need to have my coffee mug filled to the brim with my favourite concoction too. Although I have kept off coffee, and started drinking very mild tea, my addiction is still strong. And these days, Mom and TS have been forcing me to give that up too. I have been trying my best, but I keep slipping. There are days when my resolve wavers, and I’m drawn to a fresh hot cuppa, brewed with the best tea leaves- like today. I have been trying to replace my caffeine shots with fresh fruit juices and green tea and what not, but, nothing works as well as tea. But I need to keep my addiction in check, I know that. In that direction, I have resolved to restrict my caffeine intake to once a day and none at all on weekends. I will be grumpy and irritable and as friendly as a grizzly bear but, I think the TS will have to deal with that. And I start now… err… right after I finish my cup of tea. I promise, I will!! 😛


One thought on “Tea or Coffee??

  1. Hhehehhe…I still drink Complan! ;P And I’m pretty much always full of energy 🙂 so its all in the mind sweets 🙂 Best of luck in rehab 🙂

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