About Me

Thirty something, female, MBA grad, sticks out like a sore thumb in the bad bad corporate world, dreams of the day when she can spew forth crap like she does here and be paid for it, thinker, drifter, book lover, compulsive list maker, chocoholic, shoe addict, F.R.I.E.N.D.S lover trying to find her purpose in life. Is happily married to the world’s biggest gadget geek and compulsive clicker who will be known on this forum as the Shutterbug, is sister to the Drama Queen and Β a non- stop chatterbox and cleanliness freak who rivals Monica Gellar.

And before I forget, a brief introduction to the characters who will frequently make an appearance on this blog:

The Shutterbug- loving husband and best friend to the Moobeam (moi), gadget geek, compulsive photographer, lover of good food, awesome cook, amazing singer, epitome of patience and the guy with the cutest smile I have ever seen. As per my family, also the guy who pampers me to death and I have to grudgingly admit its true. Is as different to me as chalk from cheese, loves movies, hates books, adores kids, loves travelling but hates beaches, is the messiest guy alive and his mission in life is to irritate the hell out of me. Also the person who keeps me sane and grounded.

The Drama Queen- mad sibling, soulmate and twin, overly dramatic about everything, thinks her sister is more fragile than the finest china in the world and it’s her duty to protect her, loves with all her heart, is a mathematical genius, thinks her family is crazy, loves music and singing, loves coming up with fantastical ideas and crazy names, loves to dream, hates hugs and kisses, thinks the world of her big bro aka Shutterbug, thinks she’s a superhero and its her job to set the world right. Also the bestest sibling in the whole wide world.

Mom- mother to Moonbeam and Drama Queen, is herself drama queen extraordinaire, maker of the most awesome food in the world. Complains incessantly about how bringing up a brood of boys would have been any day better than bringing up her two girls. Neat freak who will put Monica to shame. Is super cool, super fun, super organized, amazingly beautiful and exceedingly hyper when irritated. πŸ˜‰

Dad- supercool father to Moonbeam and Drama Queen, incessant worrier, compulsive plan maker, workaholic, book lover, philosopher, astronomer, psychologist. Is extremely forgetful and opinionated. Thinks the world of his daughters and newly acquired son. Also cracks bad jokes, irritates the hell out of Mom, debates about everything under the sun, loves classical music and old movies, thinks new age english music is noise, hates gadgets, loves photography and has an almost photographic memory.

The Peanut- my little one, apple of my eye, chatter box, giver of the best hugs and kisses in the whole world, car fanatic, nature lover, chocoholic, my bundle of inexhaustible energy and my most favourite boy in the whole wide world.


Details about other characters will be added as and when they make an appearance. πŸ™‚ If you like what you read here, do drop me a note and say hi. If you don’t like this place clisk on the tiny red button (you know where it is) and scoot. And please be nice. I’m a nice girl you see… Really.. πŸ™‚


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